Activities of the Foundation are centered in local chapters which have grown through the years from natural regional groupings of Supply Corps officers into a worldwide organization serving the Supply Corps community. Each chapter is chartered by the Foundation and is an ongoing resource for the active duty, reserve, retired, and prior service Supply Corps officers in the geographic area served by the chapter. It is this federation of local chapters which forms and is the strength of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation. To find the chapter in your area, contact the chapter president or point of contact listed below. CAPT (ret) Bill Fenick is the Chairman of the Chapter Relations Committee and can be reached at

Chapter Presidents

Bay Area CAPT Kurt Libby
Greater Boston Area CAPT Rick Moore (Ret.)
Colorado Rockies LCDR Jose Vargas
Dallas Ft. Worth CDR Terry Henderson


CAPT Paul McNeill
Diego Garcia CDR Keith Applegate


CAPT (sel) Michael Reiners

Great Lakes

LT William Peters

Great Salt Lake

CAPT Tony Erickson

Groton/New London

CDR Greg Booth
Gulf Coast LT Shay Warr

Hampton Roads

CAPT Rick Wilhelm


CAPT Tony Giles

Iberian Peninsula

Currently Inactive

Indiana Crossroads



CDR Steve Osborne


CDR (sel) Michael Tucker


LCDR Rayfield Golden


LCDR Blake Whittle

Korean Peninsula
LT Grant Sawyer


CAPT Tony Yanero


CAPT Marty Fields

Monterey Peninsula

LCDR John Bing

Newport, RI

LCDR Robert Allen

Northeast Georgia

Michael McCleary


CDR Charles Reed


CDR Kerry Pearson

Patuxent River

CAPT Gary Powe

Philadelphia Area

CDR Juan Uribe

San Diego

CAPT (sel) George Clark


CDR Terrel Fisher


LCDR Brock Walaska

Southwest Asia

CAPT Elizabeth (Betsy) Jackson

St. Louis Area

CDR Andrew Oswald

Tampa Bay

CAPT Mick Wilson

Twin Cities
CDR (Ret.) Robert Dolan

Ventura County
CDR Vince Fonte

Washington DC 

CAPT Chris Parker


Have a message for Chapter Presidents? Email ALL PRESIDENTS here.


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Considering starting a Navy Supply Corps Foundation Chapter in your area? Here's a start for your Chapter By Laws.

Suggested Model Bylaws for Chartered, Affiliated Chapters