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The U.S. Navy Supply Corps Foundation Hampton Roads (NSCF-HR) is a professional organization of United States Navy Supply Corps Officers, active duty, reserve and retired, residing in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. 

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A Message from the NSCF-HR President:


Welcome to the Navy Supply Corps Foundation Hampton Roads (NSCF-HR) Website!  As a subsidiary of the Navy Supply Corps Foundation, NSCF-HR is a non-profit professional and social organization whose purpose is to engage members in professional development, community involvement, charitable endeavors, and social interaction.  In so doing, the association strives to promote "espirit de corps" and camaraderie among and between Supply Corps professionals within the Hampton Roads area.

In addition to our annual major events such as the Supply Corps Birthday Ball in February and Auction in November, we usually have some kind of event every month.  These can include Golf Tournaments, Saltwater Socials, Wine Tasting, Junior Officer Training Symposiums or even a professional lecture.  So, if you are active duty, reserve, retired, or simply a fan of the Supply Corps, I encourage you to check out the next upcoming event and get involved with NSCF-HR.  It is a great way to have fun, network, and support worthy causes. 

I look forward to seeing you there!

Rick Wilhelm, CAPTAIN, SC, USN  

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Rank & Name Position Command Phone E-mail
CAPT Rick Wilhelm President NECC 757-462-3941 richard.wilhelm1@navy.mil
LCDR Eric Piskura Vice President FLCN 757-443-1871 eric.piskura@navy.mil
LTJG Lonnie McHugh Comms Director CRG2 757-417-4263 lonnie.mchugh.navy.mil
LT Lincoln Barber Treasurer VFA-106 757-433-9292 lincoln.barber1@navy.mil
LT Jesse Gale Webmaster FLCN 757-443-1296 jesse.gale@navy.mil
LT Emily Reilly Webmaster (Alt) FLCN 757 322-9019 emily.hegarty1@navy.mil
LT Steven Dickens Membership Development Director NWDC 757-341-2147 steven.m.dickens@navy.mil
CDR Alex Woldemariam Reservist LNO RCCMA 757-444-7295 x2400 alex.woldemariam@navy.mil
Rank & Name Position Command Phone E-mail
CAPT Eileen B. Werve Primary CNRFC 757-322-6687 eileen.b.werve@navy.mil
CDR Ron Hoak Primary CNAL 757-836-7665 ronald.hoak@navy.mil
LT Max Kojm Alternate CNAL 757-836-7732 peter.m.kojm@navy.mil
LCDR Frank Miller Primary INSURV 757-462-7325 x3066 frank.miller@navy.mil
LCDR Lauren Peters Primary USFF 757-836-3684 lauren.e.peters@navy.mil
LT Laura Clarke Alternate USFF 757-836-6872 laura.a.clarke@navy.mil
LT Hensley Hylton Primary CRG-2 757-417-4261 hensley.hylton.navy.mil
LT Lonnie McHugh Alternate CRG-2 757-417-4263 lonnie.mchugh.navy.mil
LT Franklin Middlebrooks Primary NEXCOM 757-836-1422 franklin.middlebrooks@navy.mil
LCDR Adam Coombs Primary CVN 77 757-443-7717 adam.coombs@cvn77.navy.mil
ENS Caleb Cook Primary CVN 69 601-917-6947 caleb.cook@cvn69.navy.mil
LTJG Shanita Williams Primary CVN 73 301-908-6951 shanita.williams@cvn73.navy.mil

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