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Unmmaned Patrol Squadron 19 (VUP-19) tour. Ventura chapter members from right to left: LT Jack McKeon (VUP-19), CDR Keith Grove (USNR)), RADM Dan Stone (Ret.) CDR Vince Fonte (NAVFAC), LTjg Kate Mussman (NMCB 4), LT Steven Archer (NMCB 4), LT Nubia Betancourt (VUP-19), LT Salvatore Stassi (NAVSOC), LT Jose Chirinos (ASD), LCDR Scott Talmadge (NCHB-14), LCDR Javier Araujo (FLCSD-VC), and LT Robert Medina (FLC-VC).June 2018.
LT Jack McKeon's farewell. Ventura County chapter members from right to left: LT Salvatore Stassi (NAVSOC), LCDR Javier Araujo (FLCSD-VC), CDR Vince Fonte (NAVFAC),. LT Robert Medina (FLCSD-VC), LT Jose Chirinos (ASD), LT Jack Mckeon (VUP-19), and LT Taylor Florea (FLCSD-VC). May 2018..........Have fun in San Diego Jack!

223rd Supply Corps Birthday. Ventura County chapter members. February 2018

Capt Morse (FLCSD CO) dinner with the Ventura County chapter members. January 2018

2016 SC Birthday Luncheon

Ventura County chapter members. March 2016
         Ventura County chapter members. December 2014

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